Introductory Conference - Steven Beissinger

Sept. 22, 2021
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Introductory Conference  : Steven Beissinger, Ecology and Conservation Biology Professor at UC Berkeley and co-Director
of the Berkeley Institute for Parks

Surviving Covid and Climate Change

What does living through a pandemic and climate change have in common? More than you think, if you want to be a survivor and hope to bring the rest of life – biodiversity – with us. Understanding the impact of covid-19 and climate change has three dimensions. It starts with exposure (to a pathogen or a change in climate), and then depends on sensitivity (of people to the virus, or species to the climate - both are highly variable). The final dimension is adaptation, which reflects responses that reduce future exposure and sensitivity. I place these concepts in perspectives I’ve gained from retracing the steps of a famed early 20th century ecologist and professor at UC Berkeley, Joseph Grinnell, across California, and the ambitious agenda that drives E2S in search of solutions for energy and environment.